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AmeriTec Lighting has been manufacturing fine earthenware ceramic lighting fixtures since 1988. Its founder, Bill Mros, brought his mud skills (ceramist talk for handbuilding, wheel throwing, mold making, and slip casting) to the lighting industry after potting in New Mexico.

In 2003, Rob Fleischner partnered with Bill. Rob brought a new set of eyes and skills to the table and began extending AmeriTec Lighting's product offering to include metalwork, fused and kiln formed glass, blown glass, woodwork, and additional techniques with existing ceramic processes. While developing the new processes, Rob also began developing new markets to include a presence in the higher end residential, hospitality, and commercial environments, both in the United States and abroad.

Fast forward to 2010 when Rob acquired a controlling interest in Edgeline Designs and jump started the symbiotic relationship between AmeriTec Lighting's prolific material processing skills and Edgeline Designs' fantastic patination, acrylic, and metalworking skills. Between these two companies you will find mixed media creations that transcend standard lighting to become functional art.

Today, AmeriTec Lighting and Edgeline Designs have been able to develop a vast design library whose products are completely manufactured in the city of Casa Grande, AZ, a community just shy of half way between Phoenix and Tucson. In addition to the standard offering from these sister companies, the combination of skills has produced custom products used around the world ranging in size from our most meager wall light to feature items 30 feet long x 4 feet wide x 5 feet tall.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, but if this just begins to answer your questions, feel free to call, e-mail, or if in the neighborhood, take a tour (just call first so you know we are here).

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